Do I Need A Website Revamp?

How can you tell if your website is performing well for you?
How do you know when to redesign your website, or even if you truly need one?

Here are 5 Signs You Need A Website Revamp. 

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1. Not Mobile Optimised 
How does it look when you try to access your website using your smartphone? Is It seamless? Does it feel smooth? If it’s not, then you need a website to revamp. Just like website speed load, mobile responsiveness is critical since customers use smartphones nowadays when making a purchase. That’s especially when 52% of worldwide internet traffic emerges from smartphone devices. 
has a mobile-friendly testing tool for you to test if how well your site performs and responds on various devices.
2. Website Loading and Bounce Rate 
Try to check your website if it takes more than 10 seconds to load. If it does, your visitors can bounce or leave due to the slow website speed. With the competition nowadays, people don’t have the patience to wait for the information they need. Causes of slow website speed maybe because of hefty sized images, bulky files take time to load, or the graphics elements may not be effective for the web. There are more reasons that a page could delay for seconds, which results in potential customers leaving your page or increase your bounce rate.
Bounce Rate is defined as a measurement of how much users visited a website for a very short period but left without interacting with a single page element. As mentioned, it can be a combination of reasons – poor web design, confusing content, or unresponsive interface.
Google Analytics is the perfect tool to check on this problem.
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3. Poor SEO  (google search)
Since technology changes quickly, your
strategies should always stay at the top. If your analytics tell that your website has low traffic, this may be a sign of
a lack of SEO strategy.
As a result, the search engine may tend to encounter challenges looking for your website when users seek to explore content on your site. Incorporate more page elements, keyword optimization, or a completely new website that has an easy built-in content management system that can be updated on your own. 
Redesigning is your chance to rethink your keywords, improve website design and coding, for you to make your website SEO-friendly. Remember, your website is your strongest traffic and marketing tool in the e-commerce world. 
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 4. Security  
Are you keeping up with your SSL certificate and other online validations? People are keen when it comes to their data, which makes them more skeptical about websites they engage with. If your website is signaled with a “Not Secure” message, you should worry because you may not be losing website visitors and Google rankings, you also risk losing your business in the process. 
Your website’s security is indispensable as it has potential security loopholes that hackers primarily target. Having a messy website is equivalent to giving easy access to hackers to hack your website and its data. It will be interminable to retrieve your hacked data. 
Redesigning includes making sure your website is secured and always have preventive measures to circumvent such security trouble.
5. Your Brand
Changes within your brand should be reflecting on your website.
 If your brand and content are outdated, you’ll surely be losing revenue and engagement.
Contemplate now how would promote and highlight your product or service properly to users.
Don’t be afraid to revamp your website because changes could occur. Assess and review all your options and features that are the best fit for your business website.
A high-quality website could be your stepping stone to increase your revenue, accessing a new market, and produce more income! Redesigning may not hurt, think of it as a way of recognizing your growth along the way and as a form of appreciation to your true audience.
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Do You Need A Website Revamp?

You now have a clear perception of whether your website needs a revamp or not as it is the real key to online business success.
Whether your goal is to revamp your website, or you just want to improve your online presence, it is our mission to help and deliver web and marketing solutions that offer real–world results for your business.
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