Domain Names


Domain Names are an extremely important part of website design.

They offer the immediate gateway into what the website has to offer, and are extremely powerful and unique to that particular business.

In order for people to find your business quickly, it is important to register a domain that is either related to your business, or preferably  the actual company name.

All major companies have websites with domain names that are the company name (e.g., and it is advisable for you to follow suit.

The suffix of domains is also important for recognition.

We predominantly register domains for small Australian businesses, but .com – .net – .org and .biz have all been used as well.

Once we have registered your domain name, you own the rights and usage of it.

That particular unique domain cannot be used online by any other company or party as long as you follow the terms of use. Your website will then remain live as long as the hosting fee is met every year.

If the hosting fee isn’t met, the website may run the risk of being taken down from the Internet, allowing competitors to potentially purchase that domain.

1. Enter the domain you want to register into the text box .

2. Click the Search button to check availability.

com.  .com  .net  .org .info .shop  etc, etc.

. .com .net